14 December 2010

Make Your To-BE List

Before making your “to do” list, make your “to be” list. Before starting your daily activities, create your “to be” list and write down what you wish to express in this day. Do you wish to be generous, loving, patient, bold, light-hearted? Do you want to be orderly in your thinking, organized, and focused in your direction? Write this down on one list, and then write down what you wish to do on another list. This practice will serve as a rudder, directing your feeling-tone and attraction this day, and moving your life in the direction of your highest ideal. ~ Mary Manin Morrissey

I love this because we are not human doings, we are human beings! Before you do something, you must first be something. It is out of that being-ness that you will become inspired as to what you need to do.

So, just for today, create your “to be” list first.

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