06 December 2010

Manifesting Your Desires for 2011

“You have not because you ask not!”

Okay, so we are down to the final weeks of the year and I know you are holiday shopping and planning, but have you given any thought to your plans for 2011? What will 2011 look like? What do you desire to be, to do or to have in 2011? When January sneaks in, will you be ready to show up for it?

My experience working with clients and students is you will rehash whatever didn’t manifest in 2010 and turn that into your new goal for 2011. Well, if it didn’t work for you in 2010, what makes you think it will materialize in 2011? Especially if you approach it from the same limiting beliefs and mindset?

In order to manifest your desires, you must approach then mindfully and consciously. This is not how most people approach goal setting. First you want or need something to change in your life. Fine, but that is only wishful thinking and will only lead to frustration and aggravation.

There is a specific process to goal manifestation and once you learn the practice, you can do it to create all of your heart’s desires. Christian Scripture tells us that you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask for what you want. This is profound wisdom! Most of you don’t know what your heart’s desire is, so how can you create it?

In tomorrow’s exciting episode, discover how to ask for what you truly desire.

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