01 April 2011

Carnival of Healing #236: Purposeful Healing – Mind, Body and Spirit

The Carnival of Healing is a monthly selection of articles on healing, holistic health, wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment from contributing blogs.

Every month, the Carnival of Healing is hosted by a different website and this month, Becoming a Woman of Purpose is hostess!

I want to thank everyone who submitted their blogs and posts to the carnival. It was a tough selection as I received about fifty submissions.

In this issue, let’s take a look at some ways to consciously and purposefully heal our minds, bodies and spirits. Although we are already four months into the year, it is never too late to create new habits for healthier living. My fellow bloggers can help you to create new habits to build healthier minds, bodies and spirits.

Stop over, say hello and tell them you liked what they shared.

Holistic health practitioner, body worker and movement therapist Anne Asher authors Posturally: Creative Body Therapy for a Pain Free Life and says there is a disconnect between body therapy and conventional physical therapy. Check out what Anne has to say about Body Therapies Like Yoga and Pilates as Back Pain Treatment.

Family and Marriage therapist William Hambleton Bishop, MA authors Thoughts from a Therapist shares an insightful view of healing trauma in a soothing narrative in The Talking Cure for Trauma.

MacKenna Stevens, author of Masters In Social Work, which is dedicated to assisting students interested in obtaining their masters degree in Social Work. In this post, MacKenna gives a profound take on What Does Spiritual Growth Involve?

Storyteller Laura Grace Weldon says we may have forgotten to tell ourselves stories. This is an ancient way to cure, to strengthen, and to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. She illustrates this beautifully in The Power of Story: Augusta Speaks. A children's book isn't usually seen as transformative spiritual literature. But when a child's inner life is in turmoil the right book may save her. This comes to light in How The Secret Garden Saved Me.

Rona Burstein of Masters in Environmental Health says saving the planet needn’t be out of our control or too expensive to make a significant impact. Here are 20 Simple Ways Anyone Can Help the Environment. A simple yet informative post.

I love the title of Katrina Kaczmarek’s blog, Love Can Sit Anywhere. How beautiful! In this post, she shares the power of faith through Healing Hands.

In Update Complete, Sean Burrows says every day presents new opportunities to grow and add positivity to the universe. What happened yesterday, or what may happen tomorrow is completely irrelevant to what you can do TODAY. So true! Check out 25 Ways to Empower Yourself On This Day.

Then there is The Importance of Critical Thinking and Asking Critical Questions posted at Sean’s Personal Growth, Development, and Healthy Living. He says, "The important abilities for human beings to think critically, and to ask critical questions, have been diminishing drastically over time."

In There Is No Forest, author Shannon Bovey shares a painful yet lovely moment in her life through the power of death in How Dealing With Death Can Help You Live.

Charles Chua C K presents Effective Ways to Spiritual Health posted at All About Living with Life. I love that he included meditation and being in the present as ways to spiritual health. Rock on!

Sharyce Arciaga of The Spiritual Arc presents 10 Tips On How To Lose Weight And Boost Spirituality. Very insightful look at the body-mind-spirit connection.

Michelle Tram presents a fascinating look at The Psychology of Wasting posted at Wasted Food. Michelle says, "To better understand why people have been so wiling to squander food, it is important to explore the psychology of waste. This article goes over the basis of our habits of wasteful lifestyles."

Well, that’s it for this month’s Carnival of Healing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the nuggets of wisdom purposefully shared by all the featured bloggers. Remember to give your support by visiting the sites and leave an insightful comment.

You can still check it out last month’s Carnival, Life Lessons Worth Remembering, hosted by Wee Peng Ho at The Conscious Life.

And next month, give your support to Anne Asher of Posturally! who will host Carnival #237.


Laura Grace said...

I'm enjoying all the wonderful links. Great stuff. Thank you for including mine Carolyn.

Laura Grace said...

I'm enjoying all the great posts. Wonderful stuff! Thanks for including mine Carolyn.

Shannon Bovey said...

Thank you for including my article in this carnival, it is very much appreciated!

Charles Chua C K said...

Thanks for the acceptance of my article.

Sean Burrows said...

Wow! What a great carnival and thanks for accepting my posts! :)

Coach Carolyn said...

Thanks to you all for your wonderful posts to make this month's carnival lots of fun and informative! Much blessings to you all! C.