07 April 2011

Stop Being Stressed, Start Being Blessed!

So often I hear women say, “I am so stressed!” well, my admonition is to stop being stressed and start being blessed!

Any situation that seems stressful simply means that you have left the present moment, slipped into the past or into the future where you don’t have access to your normal coping strategies. There is no strategy to cope in the past because it is gone; there is no strategy to cope in the future because it has not yet arrived. The only time in which you are truly able to cope is right now in the present moment because this is the only moment you have.

In the present moment, you can tap into your attitude of gratitude. STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK: “What do I have to be grateful for in my life right now?

Feel into that and deeply appreciate the feeling. That you are here right now, above ground, is something to be truly grateful for. The mere fact that you are able to stop, breathe and ask must also be seen as a blessing. There are so many blessings in your life, but you must choose to stop being so stressed to recognize that you are so blessed!

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