05 April 2011

Using the 64 Days as Spiritual Practice

I am so grateful for the Season of Peace and Nonviolence. It gave me, and I hope you as well, 64 days to create new spiritual practices and rituals. Each day we were instructed to contemplate and even journal on the reflection of the day. As I was creating each blog post, each reflection gave me lots of pause as I thought about my life and how I show up in the world.

As few other questions that came out of those 64 days were:
Am I showing up in the world as peaceful and nonviolent?”
“Where in my life do I exhibit violence – in my speech; in what shows and movies I choose to watch; in how I interact with my friends and family?

Violence isn’t just about being physical; violence runs the gamut of physical, emotional and spiritual. I believe the most violence we do is to ourselves on a daily basis. How many times do you call yourself stupid or retard for some infraction? How many times do you choose to overlook your own health and well being to be with the crowd?

I say that we must take those 64 reflections and make them daily spiritual practices. When we can make nonviolence and peace the ultimate goal for our lives, then everything else falls into place.

Just for today, choose peace instead of this.

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