20 April 2011

Inspired Decisions Lead to Inner Peace

Sometimes you make decisions in a split second. Other times, you need more time to find an answer. How can you know your choices are for your highest good? First, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK Spirit, "What is mine to do?" When Spirit answers, simply listen.

The answer may come as an insight or a gut feeling – like the urge to contact an old friend or pass up a job that just doesn't feel right. Sometimes, guidance comes as a word or phrase in prayer or meditation. Or it may come through the words of a child or a book, a friend or even a stranger.

By listening and paying attention to Your Inner Divine guidance, you gain clarity about your decisions. You know what is right because it feels right. With confidence, you can go boldly forward.

Making inspired decisions leads to greater well being and inner peace. It costs you more to randomly create your life than to stop and consciously decide what your life will look like. You exert more time and energy repairing your life than you would if you took the time to prepare your life.

Just for today, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and Listen to your Inner Divine Guidance and make inspired decisions.


Emme said...

Your posts are always on time. This one is my favorite!

Coach Carolyn said...

Hey Emme! Thanks so much; so glad it resonated with you!