21 April 2011

Seeing With Spiritual Vision

“Borrow the Beloved's eyes. Look through them and you'll see the Beloved's face everywhere. No tiredness, no jaded boredom...things you have hated will become helpers.” ~ Rumi

When you can look at everything with spiritual eyes, you see the world in a whole new light. You won’t see things as happening to you, but as happening for you. You will begin to see those petty annoyances as helpers, as Rumi calls them. Author and speaker Marianne Williamson calls them petty tyrants. In any case, they are there in your path for your highest good – not to merely annoy you. However, you must choose to see them as such. 

So, just for today, borrow the Beloved’s eyes and see everything with spiritual vision!


Emme said...

It's our choice. I want to see spiritually! Wonderful post. thanks! <3

Coach Carolyn said...

Thanks Emme! Keep reaching!