29 February 2012

Season of Nonviolence - Midterm Review

Happy Leap Day! 

The Season of Nonviolence did not have a meditation and reflection for today - it will resume tomorrow. But, I wanted to take this little break to have a midterm review. 

How are you doing with this Season of Nonviolence?

Are you seeing areas in your life where you are violent and did not realize it?

It is very easy to just think of violence as a physical thing; but violence moves through every area of life. There is violence in our emotional life, our social life, and even our spiritual life. When we are too hard on others or ourselves, that is a form of violence. 

The worse type of violence are those that leave no visible scars, but there are very deep wounds.

I invite you to go back through the first 30 days and really hone in on the ones that you find the most challenging. The Season is only 64 days, but this needs to become a lifetime practice. 

Wishing you a peaceful Leap Day!


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