25 June 2007

Lessons from the June Meetup

Hey Purposeful and Passionate People!

Our June Becoming a Woman of Purpose was awesome! We had some amazing sharing, insights, and revelations. It truly amazes me when I hear women say that they don't know what their purpose is. Or even, they cannot tell you what they are passionate about. This is not because we don't know. This is because we operate in a perpetual motion and doing, that we have not stopped to take the time to ask the questions. We don't take the time to just sit and be and find out whose life am I really living? Mine or someone else's?

One of the lessons at this gathering had to do with women who, because they have no children, does that mean they are not maternal or have that "maternal instinct"? It doesn't matter if a woman has given birth to one child, to several children, or to no children at all. We all have that innate knowing. During every woman's lifetime, she will have nurtured and cared for someone; be it a parent in old age, a family member, or a sick friend. That maternal instinct does kick in. This, like purpose, is part of a woman's DNA, if you will.

As I posted previously, we are operating out of our limiting belief system. To know that we are more than enough is difficult for some women to wrap their minds around. We are our own worse critics. One way to combat this is to cultivate the spirit of gratitude. When we are truly grateful, we only focus on our truths, not our fears or false beliefs. Being a woman of purpose means being grateful for all the joys of life. It also means being able to see the lessons learned in the sorrows, which also brings us to a place of gratefulness. And so it is.

Stay in a spirit of gratitude and your purpose will find you!

Coach Carolyn

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