07 June 2007

A Mogulette of Purpose

One of the things I tirelessly advocate is that we are all on a journey -- be it a journey of faith, a journey of transition, a journey of peace -- it all equals the journey of life. And while we are on this journey, we definitely need companions, fellow sojourners travelling on the road with us.

Sacred Scripture tells us that the disciples were sent out two by two. Why is that? Well, because if one becomes discouraged, the other can lift her up. Then there is the old saying, two heads are better than one.

One of the toughest things, I believe, is thinking that we are alone on this journey called life. In my many years on the journey, I have found that there is always someone else on the road with a similar story. I am very blessed to have several fellow sojourners on this path I take. One of them is my Mogulette sister, Carmina Perez. Carmina is Mogulette Extraordinaire and implementer of the Mogulettes Meetup and Mogulette in the Making Blog. She is a femprenuer who is passionate about her journey and on purpose to achieving it, not just for herself, but for fellow women on the journey. Her weekly meetups are for women on the road to living out their passions and building their businesses.

One of Carmina's blog post, which prompted this post, is on having action partners -- those fellow travellers who can share your struggles, but who can also encourage and inspire you to greatness.

Check out Carmina's meetup and blog. Both are loaded with information for any woman looking to startup and build her business. Carmina is definitely a woman of purpose!

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