26 June 2007

Purposeful Birthday Lessons

As today is my birthday, I want to share some wisdom learned in my 44th year of life. Yes, I know I look 30... that's on purpose! Thank you very much!

Now I knew that when the time came to let go of something that no longer served, that I must just let go. But I have learned over that past year that I must just let go. There is a definite reason for releasing. I liken it to a cup of tea -- if the cup if full to the brim, but the tea is lukewarm, there is no room to pour in the hot water. I must be willing to pour some of the tea out of the cup in order to refresh the tea. Don't you love analogies!

So, my point being -- I had to let go of some things that still seemed useful, though lukewarm. The Divine wants me to have the hottest cup of tea I can possibly have. And, if you are a tea lover like me, you know lukewarm tea is really nasty! Unless I surrender the lukewarm, I cannot attain the hot.

Of course, I knew this intellectually, but try shoving it down to the heart of the matter. There's the rub! It's all about loss and pain, and who wants that? But it's growing pains, and praise be, I am still growing!

I am celebrating my birthday for nine days (like a novena). Just because it's my passion and purpose!

Like passionately and celebrate the now!

Coach Carolyn


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Happy Belated Birthday. Mine was on the 27th June, a day after yours. I turned 48.

Let's have many more purposeful years ahead.


Coach Carolyn said...

Thank you, Fatimah, and Happy Belated Birthday to you as well.

We definitely will have many more purposeful years ahead.

Single and on purpose!