11 June 2007

Meetup Video Stories

I was privileged to share my meetup story with one of the Meetup Staff, Rushabh Doshi, creating a two-minute video. It was lots of fun and the purpose being that when a newbie goes to the Meetup site, just by reading one cannot get a sense of what Meetup is really all about. So, these stories will be a way of "seeing" and experiencing what Meetup is all about.

I think I was very gushy, but I am an "on purpose gusher," and I gush with passion!

So you can check out the video by following the link at the top of the sidebar, or by going to our Becoming a Woman of Purpose Meetup About Page, or by going directly to YouTube.

Let me know what you think of the video. And be kind...on purpose!

Coach Carolyn

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