04 June 2007

Zaadz Reflection Question

If you pop over to Zaadz, not only will you be embraced by an on purpose community of spirit-filled folks, but you will be challenged to come up a little higher. One of the ways Zaadz does this is with daily reflection questions. Today's question just stirred my soul:

If you had the support of everyone around you, what would you do?

I wrote briefly on my Zaadz blog, but wanted to bring the joy here as well.

Sometimes we get caught up in the shoulds, you know those nasty little gremlins that steal your dreams and your joy. And those gremlins sometimes look like our closest family and friends. Yes, they mean well, but stay away from well-meaning people. Meaning well usually does not mean well for you, dear one. They are giving you advise out of their own experiences, which may be a misinterpretation. You must follow your own heart and create your own lived experiences. If you mess up, just say, "Oops, and oh well," and try something else.

But just imagine if there were no gremlins, that everyone around you supported your dreams. Would there be any fear? What would you accomplish? What would you step out and try?

Share with me some of your musings. If you are reading this, then I am part of your support system, too. And then, pop on over to Zaadz and check me out. I am the Mystic Empath.

Remember to live in the questions, for the answers will come.

Live in peace,
Coach Carolyn

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