01 June 2007

Purpose, Attraction and Nutritious People

One of the things I love is networking -- meeting new people of like mind and purpose. And I have found that when I put my attention and intention on meeting people who will be nutritious, I meet nutritious people. I recently had a meeting with people from my Zaadz community. Zaadz, Dutch for seeds, is an online community of consciously inspired people who are social networking with a purpose; a community of seekers and conscious entrepreneurs circulating wisdom and inspiration.

Although I just met Holly and Scott, it was as if we had know one another for years. The conversation was very nutritious and on purpose. Now, why do I bring this up here? Because to be a woman of purpose means having nutritious people in your life; making purposeful connections. In order to create a life of passion and purpose, you must keep your life free of toxins, and that includes toxic people. You know, those energy vampires that just suck the life out of you, draining you of everything you have and giving you nothing in return. Exorcise those people from your life ladies!

Now, if you are married to an energy vampire, or have a family member that has the fangs, it may be difficult to completely cut them out of your life. What I tell my clients who have family members that steal their joy and suck the life out of them is to create balance. You don't have to be around them 24/7. Make sure you have folks in your life that are extremely nurturing, supporting and giving. Being around them will fill your tank with plenty of joy and care, so that when you are around the energy vampires, they won't suck you dry.

I myself live with energy vampires -- others would call them family. I call them relatives. I purposely choose my family. I don't stay around them, I don't allow them to take away my joy. If they truly need something, and I can give it, then I will. But for the most part, I steer clear. I still have the fang marks from past drainings. Sorry, but my neck isn't for sale anymore!

I would love to hear your vampire tales. I have millions! I bet you do too. Share them with the readers and help other women.

Wishing you purposeful and nutritious connections!
Coach Carolyn


Brian said...

what a beautiful post!

thrilled to have your nutritious self in our community! :)


Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Hey Brian,

Thank you for your feedback. It does mean so much. And you know what they say? It takes one to know one! So, here's to being nutritious!