13 July 2007

The Third Option

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." ~ Robert Fritz

A life lived on purpose is a life free of compromise. One thing we all have is the gift of choice. It is a gift because think of a time when you were not allowed to exercise your free choice. Or, thing of people in oppressive situations who are not able to choice a different or better option.

We tend to take this gift for granted. We tend to allow our circumstances to dictate our decisions. We allow whatever happens to us to determine our day to day choices. But this isn't choice at all; it is compromise. We are settling for the least painful, least demanding option. We also tend not to exercise our creativity when it comes to making choices. We go with the safest choice, or the choice that is right before us, instead of thinking about the third option.

I heard a lovely saying: When there are two options to choose from, always choose the third option. I absolutely love that! That means that we definitely have the right and gift to look beyond what is there before us. I have always lived my life as an extremist. I would either choose A or Z, black or white, cold or hot, day or night; there was never a middle ground for me. I only saw the two extremes.

Until tragedy struck, then I was forced to see what was in the middle of the road, not just on the extreme edges. I still tend toward extreme thinking, but now I have the awareness that this is a leaning of mine, so I can back up and re-think the situation, knowing I have a third option.

Live passionately, choose the third option!
Coach Carolyn

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