02 July 2007

Living on Purpose with Apple

I must applaud Apple Computers for their innovation and savvy techno-know how. I myself cannot live without my iPod. (The only Apple gadget I own) But I am not one to run out and buy because it is there to buy. It took me a while to purchase my first iPod, the mini. Then to upgrade to the 5th Generation Video version. Why did I upgrade? Because the mini could not hold all my audiobooks. I have over 100 audiobooks on the subjects I teach and coach -- life on purpose, leadership, spirituality, building relationships.

What's my point here? My point is that because I have an iPod, I also have the iTunes software to go with it. And because of the iPhone, Apple updated the iTunes software to accommodate the iPhone. And that is where the chaos began. Long story still long: I had to delete the updated version of iTunes (7.3), and reinstall the last version, where there were no glitches. This took all of two days to figure out the problem, find out the solution, then implement the solution. Luckily, I am a patient and purposeful woman!

Living life on purpose means waiting patiently. I had chaos and didn't even buy anything! Imagine if I had stood in those three-day lines and purchased the iPhone. It would have been a mess. Once the bugs are ironed out, then perhaps, I will need an iPhone. Today, I can wait.

Part of the lessons I have learned during my journey is that blessings will come, but not in my timing; because my timing may not be the right timing. I may need to learn something and not be ready for the blessing. The Divine wants to bless us. But we may be unprepared for certain experiences and not ready for the ride. Small children are not allowed on certain rides in the amusement park. Why? Because their small bodies and fragile minds are not equipped or ready. And so it is with us adults.

I am definitely not ready for the iPhone. But it's pretty and cool looking! Well yeah, so are children, but I'm not running out and getting one of them either!

I will wait... on purpose, with my iPod!

Coach Carolyn

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Carmina PĂ©rez said...

Hi Carolyn,
That was really funny...Today I heard something along those lines...this guy was talking about how he was lusting after the iPhone and referred to it as "digital crack"!