31 July 2007

Blocks to Living with Passion

In August at the Becoming a Woman of Purpose Meetup, I will be facilitating a 3-part discussion series called Blocks to Living with Passion. They will take place on three consecutive Saturday afternoons and we will discuss three things that hinder living a life of passion and purpose.

The first of the series is Overcoming Our Fears. Fears can grip us and keep us from living a life of passion. We will discuss several types of fears, including fear of failure and fears from the past.

The second of the series will be Overcoming Limiting Beliefs. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back, keeping you from living the life you are meant to live -- a life of passion. Examples of limiting beliefs are, "I'm not smart enough," "I don't have enough money," "Nothing ever works out for me." These thoughts become beliefs over time and hinder us from achieving success in business and in life.

The third of the series will be Overcoming Negativity. Negativity comes in many shapes and forms, including negative self talk and negative thinking. Negative thinking and negative talk creates a negative life. You know people who are always negative -- do you want to be around them? Then, ask the same question about your own negative behaviors.

In my coaching and counseling practice, nothing comes up more than these three issues. They are issues that remain with us, hindering our achievements in business and in life. Until we acknowledge them, assess them and address them, we will remain slaves to them; not moving forward in life and living a life devoid of passion and purpose.

These issues are part of the Life Purpose Building Blocks to Success that every young woman should receive when she reaches puberty. We will all have to deal with fears, negativity and limiting beliefs at some point in our journeys, yet knowing how to detect when they are crippling your life and then knowing how to detonate these time bombs will give you the power to create a life of peace, passion, purpose and prosperity.

Check out our Meetup calendar for more details of this important discussion series.

Live life with passion,
Coach Carolyn

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