14 June 2009

National Vacation Day

One of my coaches always provides a challenging question of the week to ponder, dream and intend. One week, the question was if she was to give me $10 million dollars, what would I spend it on ~ and I can’t just give it away, but I have to spend it. What fun it was spending $10 million dollars on paper!

So let’s bring it down closer to home. What if you were to win a $10,000 dream summer vacation, where would you go and what would you do? You can dream exceedingly big when you dream on paper. So dream big! Unfortunately, because of the “economy” people are not only postponing vacations, but they are also not dreaming big.

I remember as a child looking forward to summer vacation. I didn’t like where I went (to my mean aunt’s house in South Carolina), but I liked the idea of the summer break from school and the teachers; who were almost as mean as my aunt! There was something sacred about summer vacation. Remember, it was “winter break” but “summer vacation.” I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had a real summer vacation in a while. Why? Because like most, I have misplaced my “dream mojo.”

Then, I discovered HomeAway. No, it isn't a home remover, but a return of the lost summer vacation. HomeAway is standing up for your rights for the return of the summer vacation; a return of living the abundant life you once dreamed of. I just joined the movement to Save Our Summer Vacation. This movement is petitioning Congress to proclaim August 7 as “National Vacation Day.” It is so cool to sign a petition for something that is in alignment with my dreams. I invite you to join the movement and begin living the life of prosperity and passion you deserve.

These days, many people feel uneasy or stressed out about spending money, but living an abundant life begins with a dream. So, start dreaming! Journal about your $10,000 dream summer vacation, then enter it in the HomeAway Vacation Rentals contest. What the heck? You could dream your dream into reality!

Dream BIG!
Coach Carolyn

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