25 October 2010

Attract What You Want, Not What You Are

You do not attract that which you want, but that which you are.” ~ James Allen

Try as you might to attain all the things you want, all you keep getting is more of what you already got. You say your affirmations everyday – while standing on your head, drinking a glass of water! Still, all you see in your reality is more lack and not enough. What is up with that?

As James Allen so wisely stated, “You do not attract that which you want, but that which you are.” Although you say you want to be, to do, and to have your heart’s desire – you are not being, doing, or having it in your mind. If you want a career that allows you time for travel and leisure and still fulfill your soul purpose, yet you are behaving like a person in a J.O.B. (just over broke) existence who hates getting up every morning to go to a place filled with toxic energy, then guess what you will keep getting?

Use that magnificent spiritual faculty called the imagination and consistently visualize the life you want to have. Then get into the feeling of it. What will it feel like to have that new purposeful career? Mind Your Own Story of that ideal career – Where is it? What are you doing? Who is there with you? How are you feeling? What is the day like? Feel the feelings of this career, the lifestyle of having this career and the people connected with that kind of lifestyle. Become that which you wish to have; then watch how it finds you and becomes your reality.

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