20 October 2010

The Law of Thinking

We attract only what we think or create; this is the Law of Thinking. To achieve success we must think it, we must work it, we must become it. To advance, we must make some effort to rise.” ~ Raymond Holliwell, Working With the Law

Like so many others, when I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I too, thought all that was required to manifest my desires was to simply ask and believe and then I would magically receive. But nothing happened. The more I asked and believed without receiving, the more frustrated I became. I wondered what I was doing wrong. I even stated my request in  positive present tense with fervent passion. Still, nothing.

Then, it suddenly dawned on me. How was I to get something from nothing? I looked back on my life achievements and accomplishments. They did not come out of thin air; they came as a result of focused effort on my part. I had to do something to make something happen. It was cause and effect; reaping and sowing. I could never expect a harvest of delicious corn if I had not first planted the seeds. There is focused action that you must take to achieve your desires. Only then, will you manifest your desired harvest.

Dr. Holliwell clearly states that to advance, to achieve, you must make some effort. You must consistently keep your eyes firmly on your desires, lest you get distracted and derailed; part of that kind of focused attention means taking consistent and inspired action on your desires.

When I finally gained clarity and awareness in working with the laws, I knew that when I consistently focus on my desires and take inspired action every day, will my desires expand and increase. More and more resources come into my awareness to take action on and I advance toward my desired intentions. As Dr. Holliwell states, “to achieve success we must think it, we must work it, we must become it.” There is no mention of sitting still and engaging in wishful or magical thinking. There must be some action on our part; consistent, focused and inspired action.

So, just for today, advance in the direction of your desires by taking focused inspired action every day.

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