18 October 2010

Living a Harmonious Life

Having a prosperity consciousness is not strictly limited to money and finances, but it encompasses the whole of a person’s life. Because we are limited as human beings, we tend to limit the way we define things and thus our experience of them. When we can remember that we are spiritual beings first and foremost, knowing that we have access to an unlimited source, then we can begin to expand not only our definitions but our whole consciousness.

When we can begin to see prosperity consciousness as the way we define our whole life, then we can also begin to shift into that mindset in all areas of life. For example, having a prosperity mindset also means that you do not neglect your health and well being. In order to have a prosperous life, it begins with a healthy lifestyle. You cannot succeed to the level of excellence when you are in poor health. A less than healthy existence means a lack of focus and concentration and even less motivation to pursue your goals.

Look at all the areas of your life, including your relationships, your recreational time and your spiritual life. If there is incongruence with any of them, then you are not living from prosperity consciousness. Don’t neglect all other areas of your life just to accumulate money and wealth. One must not be done at the expense of the other. You don’t want there to come a time when your health breaks down and you need to spend all of your money to restore your health. This is not a harmonious lifestyle or living from prosperity consciousness.

Remember that you are a whole being with different areas of your life; and you need to be equally mindful of all those different areas. Your life will be much sweeter when you can live in a complete and prosperous way.

Just for today, live a harmonious life!

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Yes, thank you!