21 October 2010

Just Do It!

“Begin… the rest is easy!”

The famous Nike slogan says it all when it comes to creating a new life story. You have determined that you current story is no longer working for you, and hasn’t been for quite some time. You are in a new place in mind, body and spirit and your life needs to reflect that newness. You make the decision to create a new story by asking yourself what is it you want to be, to do, and to have. Once you have gotten clarity on the answers to these questions, you can then begin to map out what your new story will look and feel like.

The clarity you have about what you want to be, to do, and to have will also help you with your values; the things you will no longer tolerate in your life; your spiritual practices to keep yourself centered and grounded; and even the people and situations that you will allow into your immediate story.

A lack of this kind of clarity causes your story lens to become cloudy and out of focus. You tend to procrastinate on what is important and necessary; you live out of a sense of fear and dread; you worry and doubt more; and your life gets sidetracked by toxic relationships and circumstances.

So, just for today, make the decision to take the leap and begin to create your new life story; then the rest is easy!

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