11 October 2010

10-10-10 For Manifesting Prosperity

I am celebrating this week of 10-10-10! As my gift in commemorating this special week, I want to share some of my Top Ten’s.

I must warn you: all of my Top Ten’s begin the same. Over the years, these steps are tried and true; proven to be the first steps in creating a life of success, health, wealth and prosperity. You will see that much of it is the same. I am not one for re-inventing the wheel. When I find something that truly works, over and over – I WORK IT – over and over and over!

Today’s Top Ten: 10 Keys to Manifesting Prosperity

1. STOP! Take a mental and spiritual time out and stop.

2. Breathe! Taking a breath brings you back to center, back to the present moment and helps you to tap into your Inner Wisdom.

3. Ask! You have not because you ask not! Have you asked for more prosperity in your life?

4. Listen. You cannot hear the answers to your questions if you do not listen.

5. Decide. Make the conscious decision to have a prosperous life.

6. See It. Visualize in the theater of your mind a life of prosperity and abundance. Until you can see it, you cannot feel it.

7. Feel It. Now that you have a clear picture of prosperity, what does that feel it? Get full of that feeling!

8. Believe It! Know that beyond a shadow of a doubt this is your life; that you life of one of prosperity and abundance.

9. Be Grateful. Feel such gratitude and appreciation; not just for your prosperous life, but also that you have the power to create your life anyway you choose.

10. Repeat! This will be a familiar step this week, but I believe the most important step. You must continue to take consistent action to manifest a prosperous life.

As an added bonus, I have selected some special e-books to help you in your journey to creating a life of passion, peace and prosperity. It is my special one-time 10-10-10 Blowout Sale! For this week only, any book is only $10. And if you purchase 3 or more books, you get an additional set of bonuses valued at over $150. So act fast! This offer is only running through Friday, October 15, 2010.

Here’s to your success!

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