09 November 2010

Ask and It Is Given

My favorite book exhorts us to ask for what we want and it will be given us. Although this may seem simple enough, we really don’t ask for what we want? Why is that? I will share three reasons why I believe we don’t ask:

1. We don’t ask because we don’t know what to ask for. More often than not, we don’t know what it is that we want to be, to do or to have. We know what we do not want – which is more of the same of what we already have. The best remedy is to start with what you do not want and flip it around. What is the exact opposite? If it’s debt that you don’t want; then you want financial freedom.

2. We don’t ask because we fear being rejected or disappointed. We remember the pain of rejection and disappointment far too well, so we tend to steer clear of asking for what we truly want. One way to combat this is to stop asking those who cannot grant it. There is a wonderful slogan in the recovery movement: “Stop going to the hardware store looking for oranges!” If you know there is someone in your life that is emotionally detached or cold, then don’t go to that person looking for hugs and kisses! You are only setting yourself up for disappointment and rejection.

3. We don’t ask because we don’t believe we deserve it or are worthy of having it. This is a faulty belief a lot of people have bought into because it has been programmed in their minds as children. As a child, you were a victim of your circumstances. As an adult, you have choices. You can choose to question those beliefs that keep you stuck and prevent you from having what you truly desire. If you do not question, then you risk remaining stuck and living a very small life that is someone else’s story.

Begin by asking yourself. This is safe and there is no chance of rejection. When you ask a question, rather than simply making a statement, the mind immediately goes to work to retrieve an answer for you. Your own marvelous mind will bring into your awareness the people, the resources or the circumstances to grant your request. Because your mind knows better than you do consciously, you can literally ask and it will be given.

So, just for today, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK!

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Emme said...

That hit home Coach C.
Don't go to someone who is cold if you're looking for hugs and kisses. This blog post needs to be reblogged and reposted. Twittered..Myspaced..
man oh man..

Keep it coming..
You are a blessing to the world.I'm glad you are sharing the gift God planted in you.
Love you,
aka Emme