23 November 2010

Make Time to Be

Touching the stillness means taking a sacred pause to access the sacred presence. Our lives have become full of busy work and methods to distract us from touching what is too painful and too raw. When we can stop and come back to presence, we begin to access that part of ourselves that we have lost touch with.

In the daily busyness, we lose ourselves in the process. Our authentic selves get covered over with those things only designed to distract and disconnect us from our truth. in order to avoid touching what feels like too much, we medicate through addictive behaviors – food, drugs, alcohol, sex, people pleasing, shopping, and work, just to name a few.

When we can take a mental time out to stop and be fully in this present moment, then we can though that part of us designed to help us through the pain and the hurt. Our tendency is to avoid altogether and not even think about it. But what gets buried alive never dies; it only returns in later days in uglier ways.

Learning to take time to pause and be present on a consistent basis armors you for those moments when you feel like escaping the pain. You don’t have to escape into a world of addictions and crutches; you can access your own sacredness and stillness by pausing and being fully present.

So, just for today, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and just BE!

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