22 November 2010

Mindful Living

 "We must be conscious of each breath, each moment, every thought and feeling, everything which has any relation to ourselves." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Too many of you are living your lives in wishful thinking mode. You wish your life was better, grander, brighter, more prosperous and abundant. You so longingly look to a future that is not yours that you miss the present that is right before your eyes. Instead of living in a place of wishful thinking, make a practice of being grateful for what you have in the present.

This precious present is a gift and it continues to unfold before you. It becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Yet, you are more in the past or future than you are in the right here and right now; and you miss the opportunities that lie right before you. The only moment you have is the present and that is the only moment you have any control over. You can make conscious choices in this moment that can determine what kind of future you will ultimately have.

You must be grateful for where you are right now, for what you have right now, and for who you are right now. You have been brought to this moment in time to receive and to deliver a message. This is your soul’s journey. You are not in this physical body just to squander your life away. You have incarnated on purpose to fulfill your purpose – to give and receive love, in whatever form that may take.

Instead of wishing that you were someone else, somewhere else and had something else, take a look at who you are right now, where you are right now, and what you have right now and give thanks for it. It is your one and only precious present.


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