11 November 2010

Stop Judging and Start Choosing

No matter what happens in your life, in your external circumstances, you always have the power to choose how you respond in those circumstances. Many times, we feel we are a victim of our circumstances because we had no say or control in creating them. And yes, that may be the case, but you do have a say in how you think and behave in those circumstances. You can see those situations as increasing life or decreasing life; and whatever you think, you are right!

Your external circumstances have no inherent meaning, they just are. Those events that happen in your life have no meaning until you assign it one. It is when you judge the event then assign it a label of positive or negative that you will have corresponding feelings about it. From those feelings, you will then take action that will result in the outcome you see in your life. 

Remember, life does not happen to you; it happens for you, so see each and every event as a gift for your growth and well being.

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