26 January 2011

Day 3 of Florence Shinn Wisdom

“Giving opens the way for receiving.”

I love this as it so aligned with another favorite quote: “It is in giving that we receive.”

There are some people, especially women, who are eternal givers – always giving of themselves and never receiving. Then, there are those who are takers – always taking and never giving back. Either one is dangerous and extremely selfish. Yes, you read that right! Selfish!

Giving and receiving is a gentle balancing act – both done in equal proportions. Doing one naturally flows into the other.

Know how great you feel when you have given someone something? Offer that feeling to someone else and allow them to give to you as well. Stop refusing to receive because when you do, you are depriving someone else of the opportunity to feel good while giving.

Just for today, give and receive in the right proportions!

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