05 January 2011

Using Practices to Receive Your Goals

Ever thought about using your spiritual practices and rituals to receive the goals and intentions you have set? Your rituals and practices are what you do all the time – consistently. This is a great way to receive the goals and intentions you desire. If you consistently take the small, inspired and aligned actions each day to move closer to your desires, then soon your desires are very close indeed.

If your intention is to release a certain amount of weight, then you can make a ritual of taking a walk everyday after lunch, as an example. It doesn’t seem like much in the beginning, but over time with consistent action, you will be amazed at your increased level of energy and how great you feel. Then, you will look forward to your lunchtime walks and even feel it when you miss a day.

Receiving your goals and intentions don’t have to be difficult; we tend to make them more difficult than they really are. But if you are in alignment with your heart’s desire, then everything will fall into place and all will be well.

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