29 December 2009

Pick a Word of the Year

A fabulous piece of advice from First 30 Days. I always tell my clients and students to choose a theme or a feeling for the new year. It's a great step up from making resolutions, which we rarely follow through on. Take note and enjoy!


Instead of having a long list of hopes, wishes and goals for the upcoming year, consider picking just one word. Focus all of the energy you might otherwise invest in New Year's resolutions into making this word your standard for 2010.

Some examples include:
Yes – Say yes to everything, including what scares you and what you wouldn't normally do
Honesty - Tell the truth, both to yourself and to others
Health – Make taking care of your body all that matters this year
Allow – Let go of resistance, allowing everything to unfold perfectly

Alternatively, choose a phrase through which you'll filter your actions, decisions, and so on.

For example:
- Put family first.
- Be kind instead of right.
- Have more fun.
- Be spontaneous.
- Listen to your intuition always.

Before you know it, you'll find this word or phrase affecting every area of your life.

To your success!
Coach Carolyn

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