22 September 2010

Letting Go of the Past

This week (and last week), I am addressing some of the questions I have received from the BWP Community in response to the free teleclass coming up on Saturday, September 25th. The teleclass is “What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?”

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Here’s today’s burning question. I welcome you to chime in and add to the conversation.

“How do I let go of my past?”

This is a question I heard quite often; and still it baffles me. If your past was wonderful, then why would you want to let it go? And if your past was so awful, why are you hanging on to it?

Think about this: have you ever gone to a movie and it was really awful? I mean, the acting was bad, the dialogue was crummy, the cinematography just sucked! It was bad! I am sure we have all had this experience at one time or another.

Now, let me ask you: Would you keep going back to see that really bad movie? You probably answered, “No flippin’ way!” (I’m being kind here!)

Yet, if your past is like that bad movie, then why do you continuously replay it over again and again in your mind? Like the bad movie, just let it go and move on! Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or magic bullet here. If you want to let something go, you must make the decision to simply let it go.

Take from your past your lessons and your blessings and move on. Stop judging your past because it is past and you can do nothing about it. If you need to forgive, then forgive – especially yourself – and let it go! Like you cannot change what you had for breakfast this morning, so too you cannot change your past.

If you want to let go, then make the decision to let go!

What are your thoughts?


Emme said...

forgiving yourself and others makes you and your life lighter!!
i appreciate this topic because it's easy to replay the bad scenes but when we allow ourselves to play the good scenes, it becomes habitual and in turn makes us feel good. thank you Coach C.

Coach Carolyn said...

Hi Emme, thanks for your comments. It's about making conscious choices - you have the power to choose to play the good scenes. So, choose the good ones!