15 September 2010

Re-member the One Thing

This week and next week, I will be addressing some of the questions I have received from the BWP Community in response to the free teleclass coming up on Saturday, September 25th. The teleclass is “What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?

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I asked for burning questions and issues on this topic and there was no shortage! Love that! As I will not get to all the questions on the call, I want to at least begin the conversation here on the blog. I welcome you to chime in and add to the conversation.

“How do I deal with the anxiety that I get when I think of everything I want to do?”

This is an interesting question.

You know the old joke: Fellow goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, it hurts every time I move my arm this way.” The doctor looks at him and snaps, “Then stop moving your arm that way!”

Point: Stop thinking of “everything” and you won’t have the anxiety!

On the lighter side: Why is there an “everything” when there need be only the one thing?

I know, we all want so much – we want a better job, a new relationship, more money, and on and on the list goes. But again, I come back to the original question: “What is your heart’s desire?” When you get clear about your heart’s desire, the “everythings” will fall into place, and thus the anxiety will lessen.

This may sound trite, but it is really that simple. Remember, life is not complicated; only we are.

Re-member your heart’s desire. Breathe into that remembrance. Then follow where it takes you.

What are your thoughts?

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