16 September 2010

Your False Self vs. Your Authentic Self

This week and next week, I will be addressing some of the questions I have received from the BWP Community in response to the free teleclass coming up on Saturday, September 25th. The teleclass is “What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?"

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Here’s today’s burning question. I welcome you to chime in and add to the conversation.

“Why is it easier to bash oneself than to love oneself?”

This is a great question and one we often overlook on the journey to re-discovering our passions and purpose. We are so busy looking outside of ourselves that we tend to neglect the inner picture. Yet, loving ourselves is critical to both the inner and outer picture.

I believe something very crucial is going on here. First, we have become so lost and so disconnected from our authentic selves that the false self has just taken over. One of my favorite stories is The Magic Story. It speaks of the Plus Entity and the Minus Entity – the two parts that make up the self. When one is dominant, the other is in the distant background; both cannot equally occupy the self at the same time. In the story, because of fear, doubt, and self-loathing, the Minus Entity has become the dominant self. But he meets the Plus Entity who wants to take back the self to be happy and purposeful once again.

We all have a Plus and Minus Entity within each one of us. I call them the false self and the Authentic Self. We have lived in our false personas for so long, that our Authentic Self is lying dormant in the background and we have lost track of it. Some of the features of the false self are fear, doubt, worry, self-loathing, resentment, unforgiveness, and constrictiveness. These are not stellar characteristics; but neither are they our true characteristics. Yet, we are living in this false persona; and as such, we have come to loathe who we are and what we have become.

That is one reason I call this community and this blog “Becoming a Woman of Purpose.” We are always becoming more than we are in this present moment. Tomorrow we will become something bigger, brighter, bolder, and better. The more we tap into our truth or touch just a portion of our authenticity; we become more of who we were created to be.

What are your thoughts?


jo said...

"Really interesting article, thanks!"

Coach Carolyn said...

Thanks, Jo! So glad it resonated.