24 September 2010

It’s Your Stinking Thinking!

Today is the final day to answer questions in response to my upcoming free teleclass, “What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?” The teleclass is this Saturday, September 25th at 7pm EST. Click HERE to register.

I want to thank everyone who submitted questions and comments here and on the BWP Meetup page as well as those who took the online survey. I am very appreciative of your responses. My passion and purpose in life is to journey with women in transition who are looking to create new life stories.

While an overwhelming 62% said they know what they want to do with their lives; a whopping 50% said they were not living their desired lives. This is very typical, yet very sad. We allow so much to stand in the way of our dreams and desires and the main obstacle is ourselves; or more to the point, our thinking. Unfortunately, we don’t believe we can have the lives we desire. If we truly believed we could have the life of our dreams, then nothing would stop us from living that life.

Any thoughts?

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