14 September 2010

Your True Purpose

This week and next week, I will be addressing some of the questions I have received from the BWP Community in response to the free teleclass coming up on Saturday, September 25th. The teleclass is “What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?

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I asked for burning questions and issues on this topic and there was no shortage! Love that! As I will not get to all the questions on the call, I want to at least begin the conversation here on the blog. I welcome you to chime in and add to the conversation.

“How do I find my true calling?”

This is the most common and basic question, especially for women of purpose! What is my purpose? What am I here to do?

Let me begin by telling you what your true purpose is not.

Your purpose is not your job, your occupation or your career. Now, if you are living your life on purpose, then your career may be the way you choose to express your purpose, but it is not your purpose. I tend to find with most women that although they express the wish to know their purpose, they won’t take the time to re-discover it. Yes, re-discover it! You already know your purpose; you have just lost touch with it.

If you think you are going to divine why and all of a sudden magically know your purpose, then think again! It does take some effort on your part. It is not difficult, unless you drag out the process and make it more difficult than it has to be.

Your purpose, as I define it, is your heart’s desire. It is the thing you incarnated into this physical realm to be, do and have. It was imprinted into your heart before your birth and has been ever since – quietly waiting for you to re-member it. Oh, it does give you loving nudges from time to time, which you thoroughly enjoy. But you still can’t seem to connect.

Then a crisis touches your life in some way. You then recognize the fragility of life and begin your journey of purposeful wonder. This is the time when most people begin to seriously seek out something they think they haven’t got – their heart’s desire.

So, how do you re-member your heart’s desire? First, know that you already know. Then, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK:

Who am I?
What am I here to do?
What do I truly desire?

I call these the BE/DO/HAVE Questions. Just sit quietly and ask. Wait! You mean, that’s all to it? Well, no. Now, here comes the part that takes the effort – sit and listen for the answers. Ouch!

I told you! Not difficult unless you choose to make it so. The first thing you must do is seriously ask the questions; and ask the questions of your deepest soul – this is where the answers are. The answers are always in the same room with the questions. 

Sacred Scripture teaches us that you have not because you ask not! If you want to know something, simply ask!

What are your thoughts?

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