26 October 2011

Ask In Faith

I received this from The Daily Word and it really resonated with me. Thought I would share it.

I ask in faith and know that it is given.

There is no spiritual test I need to pass to receive what I desire. I do not need to beg or plead to God. I need only look inside myself, connect with Spirit and know with faith and gratitude that my needs are being met.

Through prayer I connect to Spirit within. I have faith that the wisest answer, the right and perfect situation and abundant blessings are forthcoming. I prepare the way and do any work that my inner guidance leads me to do. I then let go and allow everything to unfold. My life is unfolding just as it should, and I am exactly where I need to be.

My faith is strengthened as I pray and give thanks. I connect in faith to Spirit within and know that all is well.

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