05 October 2011

Choose Peace

Most of us are waiting for the day when we’ll do better, when we’ll have everything we want, and when we will become the people we most want to be. But as you know, that day doesn’t just magically arrive. That day is a choice.” ~ Debbie Ford, The Right Questions

Are you still waiting for that day to magically appear? The day when you will have everything you have ever dreamed of? Well, as Debbie stated, that day is a choice; actually a series of choices over the course of time. Choices you make to remain peaceful and loving or become angry and bitter. Yes, that is a choice; that is your choice.

A Course in Miracles states that you can choose peace or you can choose this – meaning whatever chaos and turmoil is around you. Just because there is chaos around you does not mean you have to join in. You have a choice. You can choose peace. You can choose serenity. You can choose to be who you were created to be; not who you are coerced into becoming.

Everything is choice. You have that power and that right. Exercise your right to choose. And, choose wisely.

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