10 October 2011

Expect Abundance

Whatever the mind is taught to expect, that it will build, produce, and bring forth for you.” ~ Catherine Ponder

Everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in your reality. Everything in your environment was first a thought in someone’s mind – the furniture, the appliances, the myriad of stuff.

However, there are some intangibles that are in your immediate environment as well that you may not wish to speak of; like the lack of money, an illness, a botched relationship. These were created in your mind as well, then made manifest in your reality.

You may be saying, “I don’t want this illness!” Or, “I don’t want this debt!”

Notice, illness and debt is what you speak, so illness and debt is what you get!

Instead, speak out what you do want – unlimited wealth and wellness. Allow these concepts to linger in your mind, then watch them manifest in your reality.

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