20 May 2007

Life Purpose Statements -- May Meetup

The May Becoming a Woman of Purpose meetup was wonderful and very insightful for the women. During our sharing one of the women stated that her real life is so far from her dreams. How true that is for most of us. Unfortunately, we are not living the life we dream of or, at least even remotely. Most of us tend to live a life that someone else has scripted and laid out for us -- we are following the family script, the economic script, the cultural script, the gender script, and the list goes on.

So at our May meetup, we started looking at what some of those dreams were using our positive characteristics and the actions we take to live that out. Some surprises, some confirmations, and some plans for immediate action steps.

The Becoming a Woman of Purpose meetup is also about accountability and support. It is so easy to get caught up and even lost in the daily grind that we forget why we have been summoned to this planet. We each have a unique assignment here that no one else can complete. Life is about living out that unique assignment. When this is done fully, with joy, then we know a life of inner peace, passion, and purpose.

Until next time, live passionately!
Coach Carolyn