29 May 2007

Reflecting on the Purposeful Question: What do you really want?

Being a woman of purpose, I too sit and reflect on the posts I write, especially the purposeful questions. This particular question is a meaningful one for me right now as I am in a transitional period on my journey. Although I am a woman of inner peace, there is this crazy and wonderful thing called life that just keeps getting in the way. Whenever the storms of life come at me, I must reshift my approach to the way I deal with that particular storm.

I cannot and will not allow the storms to get inside of me. I must resist the temptation to become less than my divine self. I remain centered, knowing and trusting that the Great Divine Spirit is there to protect me, and walk me through whatever storms may come my way. This is a deliberate and conscious choice and not an easy one to cultivate. But it can be done.

Our natural tendency is to revert back to our old patterns of behavior, our old and limiting ways of reacting -- even though none of these behaviors ever worked for us in the past. We reach for the familiar, even if the familiar does not seve us. We must learn new ways of tapping into our authentic beings and pulling out what will serve us -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Whenever I am in a space of unrest or upset, my natural tendency is withdrawal and shutdown. As a child, I truly believed that if I was invisible, then no harm could come to me. I carried this message into my adult life. It may have served me minimally as a child (children are meant to be seen and not heard), but it definitely does not serve me today. In fact, it annoys the heck out of the guys I date. So I continally get the question, "Where are you?" or "Where did you go?" It does not serve, me or anyone I choose to be in communion with.

So, what do I really want? To be free to be -- knowing that I am a work in progress; knowing that life is a process; knowing that I am a unique and wonderful expression of the Divine; knowing that I am going to stumble sometimes, then get up and hopefully help someone else who has fallen; knowing that I am a woman of peace, passion, purpose and play!

Write to me and tell me what you really want. Either leave me a comment or email me. This is a journey to be travelled together, not alone.

Wishing you peace, passion, and purpose!
Coach Carolyn

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