16 May 2007

Meetup with Purpose!

Hey My Purposeful Sisters!

Last evening I attended the NYC Meetup Organizers Meetup which is for Meetup organizers. Duh! Our host organizer, David Greene, was gracious and awesome as usual. We were joined by Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman and two of his team members. We all introduced ourselves and our individual meetups along with any questions and concerns we were experiencing. It was a wonderful and informative evening.

Later that evening Scott approached me with the "Meetup Bag." What's the Meetup Bag? Well, I'm so glad you asked! It was a red bag with meetup goodies inside but also inside was an invitation to the Meetup offices in SOHO to have lunch and discuss our meetup! Well, how cool is that? If you check out the Organizers Meetup page, you can see a pix of me chatting with Scott. So, next week I will be absolutely bragging about all of us on purpose women!

Stay tuned purposeful sisters...
Coach Carolyn

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bobbyboy said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for sharing the meetup experience! I've been a member of a few meetups, but never actually went lol. Maybe I'll join the a NYC meetups, they sound cool.