29 May 2007

Grace Cards

For those women who have attended any of my groups, know that I begin every session with Cheryl Richardson's Grace Cards. Grace cards are a deck of 50 beautifully illustrated cards with a simple self-care message on each. I use the cards at the start of all of my group sessions as a centering, a prayer, and an ice-breaker. It gets everyone to share and tell a little bit about themselves so that everyone in the room knows them too.

I have shared here and in my groups, that I am going through a transitional period right now. I am facing some definite unknowns and there is a level of fear. I will choose to do the next right thing, and do it afraid. I love the saying, "And this too shall pass." I know that intellectually, but it's still right now, and hasn't passed yet!

Every morning as part of my morning ritual, I pull 3 Grace Cards to see what the Divine has to say to me. Sometimes they are just reminders to stop and take a breath. I can forget this, especially in the throws of transition. The Grace Cards have a way of bringing me back to what is authentic. So, what cards "found" me this morning?

Silence: Be still.
Awaken: Keep your eyes open.
Peace: When we balance silence and activity, we discover true peace of mind -- the source of all joy and happiness.

Of course, I began to cry. So, what's the message?

And this too shall pass -- if you would just be still, staying aware and alert, true peace will come.

And so it is.

Coach Carolyn


KWiz said...

Thank you for sharing. I am learning quite a bit from reading here, and I know I will continue to do so. The Grace Cards sound phenomenal. I know God speaks through many mediums - and it appears this may be one. And again, I am getting some ideas on how I might organize my own group as well. Thank you for being a springboard through whom God works!

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

I am honored by your presence and sharing with me. I can be a tough study and God has to smack me around sometimes to make his point known. The Grace Cards are a very gentle smack and one that is fun, light, and delicious. Thanks again for sharing.