11 May 2007

Your Life Purpose

“The search for the purpose of life is one of the deepest of our experiences as human beings…. Deep in our hearts, we all want to find and fulfill a purpose bigger than ourselves. For each of us the real purpose is personal and passionate: to know what we are to do and why.” -- Os Guinness

Do you know what you put on this earth to do? Do you thrive in your daily life, or merely survive? If you are like most women, you probably believe you are here to fulfill one or several roles – daughter, wife, mother, aunt, sister. Or, to seek your fulfillment in a job or career – lawyer, doctor, therapist, teacher.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the roles mentioned. If they are how you are to live out your life purpose, then that is wonderful. But if they are simply a means to an end, just to pay the bills, with no real joy or passion, then something is very wrong. Living your life purpose should make you want to sing all day. Answer these brief questions about how you contribute to this global society:

* Is there a need – does it serve a greater purpose?
* Do I have the necessary skills, gifts and talents?
* Does it bring me joy?

Did you answer yes without any hesitation? If you did, congratulations on living out your divine purpose. If you answered no, then girlfriend, we need to talk!

Until next time, live with passion!

Coach Carolyn

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