26 May 2007

Meetup with Meetup with Purpose

Greeting of peace, Purposeful People!

I was privileged to be invited to the Meetup Headquarters in SOHO to have lunch (quite delicious, I might add) and chat and share with the Meetup Staff and other organizers about our meetup experiences. It was a wonderful experience. And, yeah, it's a REAL business. The offices are quite nice and inviting.

Of course, I got to chat with CEO Scott Heiferman again. Then the brainstorming began! For those of you who don't know me, I am an avid dreamer and brainstorming is just dreaming out loud with other people! Rock on!

Anyway, Scott loves our meetup model, the fact that it has purpose; and wants to "spawn" it. So he hooked me up with Maya, and well, more to come on this later.

I want to thank Linda, Katie and Derrick, my meetup hosts, for their fabulous hospitality. Also, a wonderful shout out to the entire Meetup Staff for their warmth, encouragement and the cool eats! Keep up the great work guys!

And to my Becoming a Woman of Purpose members -- doesn't all this just give you more passion to come and share? I know it does me. So hope to see more of you ladies at the June meetup.

Peace, passion, and purpose!
Coach Carolyn

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