05 October 2009

Trust in Divine Timing

If a book told you something when you were fifteen, it will tell you it again when you're fifty, though you may understand it so differently that it seems you're reading a whole new book.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

One of the Universal Laws is the Law of Gender. This Law speaks of timing. When you plant a seed, you must give that seed the proper gestation time; otherwise, nothing will grow. And so it is with you. Personal growth and development works the same way. It takes time. But not just time where you wait and do nothing. It is during this gestation period that you are to water and nurture the seed. It is about taking the inspired action necessary to have healthy growth.

You must realize that it is just not your time. You may read a book, attend a seminar, listen to a teleclass and get nothing from it except a lot of theories and facts. Two years later, you hear the same material, now you are ready to not only hear the message, but implement it into your life.

So if you are drawn to some information but have no idea what to do with it in the moment – simply wait for divine timing. It will definitely lead you in the right direction.

Grace Card:
Patience: Trust in Divine timing. Your future holds something far greater than your past.

Coach Carolyn

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