04 February 2010

Always Do Your Best

The fourth of the Four Agreements states: "Always do your best."

This is simple, yet not easy for some. Doing your best, Don Miguel says, will change depending on your state of being. If you are sick, you cannot be expected to perform at the same level as when you are feeling well. So, recognize where you are operating from and do not beat yourself up ~ but always do your best.

When you do your best, you can expect the best. If you are doing a mediocre job at something, then you can expect your life to give you mediocre results. No matter what the task or assignment, always do your best. No one will expect any more than that.

Here's to your success!
Coach Carolyn

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Sherry said...

The Four Agreements is such a complex, simple book. It’s kind of like a primer for life, if we could only remember this on a daily or even moment to moment basis. Always doing your best is a simple but powerful tool. If people could even follow one of the agreements in their daily life, it would be life-changing. I just wrote a post called “Being Impeccable With Your Word” and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry
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