10 February 2010

Doing Baby Showers…On Purpose

As February is about love and all that good stuff, it reminds me of the time I was elected to plan my boss’ baby shower (back in the day when I had a J.O.B.). Why me? Who knows. And I had to do this, from start to finish, on the sneak – of course, the boss was not to know. My boss, Lisa, was a sweetheart. Her new husband was a doctor and she was always happy. So, when I was chosen to give the shower, I was happy to do it; even though I had no idea what to do. Who me? Pick out baby shower favors? Uh huh!

First thing I needed to do was take up a collection from the staff. Yeah right, this would be fun; going around asking folks for money. I thought I would have to put the squeeze on, not to mention my pitiful sales pitch. To my shock and surprise, the staff forked over their hard earned cash like the Saturday night mega lottery. I collected enough to give her a beautiful surprise baby shower. I knew the theme of her nursery – Winnie the Pooh – this was the theme of the shower.

On the day of the shower, I asked the head hoo-ha if I could use his BIG office for the shower. Since he forked over the most money, he was pleased to oblige. I turned his BIG macho office into Pooh land. I even sprinkled colored candies all over the tables – folks loved that little touch. The favors were candies in cellophane Pooh wrap - which was easy because this group loved sweets!

I had to get all the folks to Pooh land and school them on the yelling surprise drill. I went to bring Lisa to her surprise shower telling her that the big boss wanted to chat with her. I made up some swanky lie as to why I had to escort her, but she had no idea. I will never forget the look on her face when she walked into that office. Everyone yelled surprise and she spent the rest of the afternoon opening up Pooh gifts.

So, the moral of this little share is, if I can do it, anyone can. And I had one heck of a great time doing it; a do-it-yourself in the office baby shower. I still remember it all, seventeen years later. Good Lord, Lisa’s child is seventeen years old! I wonder if he still plays with his Pooh bear….

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