18 February 2010

What Kind of Art Are You Creating?

“All humans are artists, all of us. Every symbol, every word, is a little piece of art. From my point of view, and thanks to our programming, our greatest masterpiece of art is the use of a language to create an entire virtual reality within our mind. The virtual reality we create could be a clear reflection of the truth, or it could be completely distorted. Either way, it’s art. Our creation could be our personal heaven, or it could be our personal hell. It doesn’t matter; it’s art. But what can we do with the awareness of what is truth and what is virtual is endless. The truth leads to self-mastery, to a life that’s very easy; our distortion of the truth often leads to needless conflict and human suffering. Awareness makes all the difference.” ~ From The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz

So, what kind of art are you creating? Well, take a look at your life; your inner life and your outer life. This is your own personal heaven or your personal hell. It's all about choice; and the choice is yours.

Which art are you choosing to create?
Coach Carolyn

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