08 February 2010

DOING Procrastination?

"Once you believe that answers and resources can show up in your life, they will: The universe works to mirror your beliefs. It will prove you right every time." ~ Peggy McColl

Having an issue with procrastination? First, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK:

“Is this something I want to do or that I should do?”
“Is this something that is related to my passion? If not, why do I need to do it?”

When you are following your passion and your purpose, life opens up to you; you don’t have to work hard. You work hard when you are out of alignment with who you are meant to BE. And when you are being who you were created to be, the DO will show up and guide you effortlessly.

Two Rules for the Day:
1. Stop “shoulding” all over yourself.
2. Stay out of the “how” because how is none of your business.

Procrastination is a sign of some internal fear lurking in your life. If this is something that you are struggling with, then struggle no more ~ join my Transcending Fear Online Mentoring Program. Shift your life from fear to freedom and flow.

Here's to your success!
Coach Carolyn


Fiona said...

Just dropping you a note to tell you that I am interested in your online mentoring program and the link is not working.

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Hey Fiona, thanks so much. Fixed the link; please try again. Thanks again. Blessings, Coach C.