10 February 2010

Doing Weddings...On Purpose

As February is the month of love and valentines, it’s also a lovely month for weddings. As purposeful gals, we can plan a wedding without having it stress us out. Interestingly, the weddings I have seen with the most stress, ended sooner. Why allow the day that should be one of the most special of days, be a day from hell? Refuse to go there! Instead, make your day a memorable day for everyone involved – starting with the wedding favors.

Now, I have attended lots of weddings. Don’t ask me how I got so lucky! But the most memorable weddings were the ones with really unique wedding favors. Not fancy or costly, but very clever, tasteful and thoughtful. You know, the ones you can tell that there was actually some thought put into them?

One such wedding, the couple themed each reception table with a special city they had been. The favor was a chocolate miniature figurine denoting that city with a little story attached of why it was memorable to them. Not only were the favors lovely, but I got to learn more about the couple. It was something straight from their hearts. I went around to the other tables to learn more. It was so much fun!

This wasn’t an expensive favor, but it was priceless. This particular couple now has two beautiful children and I still remember their wedding. Let your wedding be a memorable one; remembering the sentiments, not the stress.

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